1) Full Name                                      :-         DR. MAHENDRA S.BORSE

2)  Address (Residential)                   :-         Plot no.:14, Prabhakar  Nagar

           Sakri, Tal.:- Sakri ,Dist:- Dhule

      *Tel No / Mobile No             :-         09923297811

      *Email                                    :-         mahendraborse@yahoo.com

3) Date of Birth                                  :-         1/6/1978

4) Sex                                                  :-          Male

5) Designation                                    :-         Assistant Professor

6) Status (marital)                              :-         Married

7) Department                                    :-         Chemistry

8) Date of Appointment                     :-         11/12/2010

9) Date of Continuation                     :-         31/01/2011

10) Pay Scale                                      :-         -

11) Category                                       :-         OPEN

12)  Academic   Qualification

Exam Passed





 Division /  Grade 

Merit etc

1) H.S.C.



March 1996


Second Class     

2)  B.Sc.

N. M.University Jalgaon 




First Class

3)  M.Sc.

N.M. University  Jalgaon







First Class with Distinction

4) Ph.D.

The M.S.University of Baroda, Vadodara



Number of

Res. Papers:- 09

12)    Experience (In years)

                  1)Under Graduate                                   :-  02 years

                  2) Research                                   :-  06 years

 13)  P.G, Recognition :-                               1) By Paper

2) By Research

   14) Orientation, Refresher, Summer Institutes, any other (In details)












15.      Seminars, Workshop, Conferences, Symposia attended / Papers/Poster/Oral Presentation


Seminar /Conference/Symposia

Workshop, etc

Oral/Poster Presentation or Attended



“Workshop on green chemistry”,

Organized By

The. M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat





“National Seminar on Chemistry Researches”,

Organized By

The. M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat





“One Day Short Course on Surfactants   Theory& Practice”,

Organized By

The. M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat





“RSC-West Indian Section Student Symposium-2006”,

Organized By

The. M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat


Poster Presentation



“Emerging Trends In Chemistry & Chemical Research-2011”

Organized By

Department of Chemistry, Z.B. Patil College Dhule, Maharashtra


Oral Presentation


(First Prize)



“Celebration of International Year of Chemistry-2011”

Organized By

North Maharashtra University Jalgaon, Maharashtra


Poster Presentation


(Second Prize)



“Recent Advances Agro-biotechnology For Sustainable Agricultural Practices”

Organized By

M.J.College, Jalgaon, Maharashtra.




16)       A)  Research  Student  Guided                        :-  Nil

B)  Research Project carried of                       :-  Projects are submitted to DST &UGC

17)        Curriculum designing                                    :-  Nil

18)       A) Membership  of professional organization :-Nil                                                                                                                                                  

B) Membership of  different bodies  of University  :-  Yes

    (Life Time Membership of “Alumni Association of Chemistry Department”, The     

      M.S. University of Baroda,Vadodara, Gujarat, India.)

             C) Membership of different bodies of any other      :- Nil

19)  Extension work/                                                              :- Nil

20) Leadership  Role  played in                                              :-Nil

      N.S.S, N.C.C student Council etc.          

21)  Co. curricular Activities                                                   :-Nil

22)      Enrichment of campus         : -    

 I always encourages students to participate   Cultural Activities, Student in Cultural Activities. Welfare & Discipline always struggle for Student’s welfare as well as alert them about Discipline for bright future.

23)  Honors & Awards                 : - 

1)  First Prize for best oral presentation, In State level conference on Emerging    

     Trend  in Chemistry and Chemical Research, at Z. B. Patil College, Dhule,

     Maharashtra, India in 19-20th  Feb. 2011.

2)  Professor Talati  Research Award-2006,  By Department of Chemistry, The M.

     S. University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat.

24)  Lecture Delivered / Resource  :-

Delivered Guest lectures to T. Y. B. Sc.  Class at Smt. V. U. Patil College, Sakri. Dhule

25) Any other  information which highlights the unique achievements  of  the teacher  :-

Ø  Departmental Activities

1)       Arrange the Tests, Seminar, Group discussion.

2)       Arrange the Practical As per University Syllabus

3)       Arrange the Industrial tours for Students every year.

Ø  Participation in other activities (College/University level)

1)     Participation in various National & State level Seminars, conferences & Workshops to enrich the knowledge.

2)     Member of Gathering Committee.

3)     Member of Academic Calendar  Committee.

4)     Member of Discipline Committee.

5)      Examiner :- Central Assessment Programme (CAP)

6)     I conduct the role of junior supervisor in Uni-Exam.

7)     Participated in various National Hero’s Jayanti & Punyatithi in college.

8)     To encourage the students for participating science quiz, chemistry ability test

       arranged by various colleges.

9)     To encourage the students for participating in Conferences (Avishkar, student symposium… ) at  other college and University levels.

Ø  Extension Work / Community Service.

To counseling the final year students (B.Sc.) for various P.G. courses and their importance  in the corporate world.

Ø  Research Publication : (Research Paper :08 & Review Research Paper : 01)

1)     Small Angle Neutron Scattering and Viscosity Studies of Micelle Solution of Bis-cationic Surfactants Containing Methyl, Hydroxyethyl Quaternary Ammonium Head  Groups.

     Mahendra Borse, Vikas Sharma, V. K. Aswal,  N. K. Pokhriyal,  J.V. Joshi,                

     P. S. Goyal, Surekha  Devi , Phy. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2004, 6, 3508-3514.

2)     Dependence of aggregation behaviors and physicochemical properties of bis-cationic  surfactant on the polarity of surfactant head group.

     Mahendra Borse, Surekha  Devi , Colloids and Surface A:, 2004, 245, 1-8.

3)     Synthesis characterization and SANS studies of novel alkanediyl a,w-bis(alkyl mono methylethanolammonium  bromide) cationic dimeric surfactants.

     Vikas Sharma, Mahendra Borse, V. K. Aswal,  N. K. Pokhriyal,  J.V. Joshi,            

     P. S. Goyal,  Surekha Devi, J. of Colloids and Interface Sci., 2004, 277, 450-455.

4)     Effect of Head Group Polarity and Spacer Chain Length on the Aggregation Properties of  Gemini Surfactants in an Aquatic Environment.

     Mahendra Borse, Vikas Sharma, V. K. Aswal,  N. K. Pokhriyal,  J.V. Joshi,            

      P. S. Goyal, Surekha  Devi, J. of Colloids Interface Sci., 2005, 284, 282-288.

5)     Oil solubilisation capacity, liquid crystalline properties  and anti -bacterial

      activity of   alkanolamines based novel cationic surfactants .

     Vikas Sharma , Mahendra Borse , Keyur Dave , Jayashree Pohnerkar  Ashish  

      Prajapati  and  Surekha Devi,  J. of Dispersion Sci. and Tech., 2005, 26, 421.

6)     Corrosion inhibition of iron in 1M HCL by some gemini surfactants  in the series

     of aikanediyl-  a,w-bis-(monomethylethanolalkylammonium  bromide)

     Vikas Sharma, Mahendra Borse, Smita Johari, Surekha Devi,  Tenside Surf.

     Det.2005, 42, 3.

7)     Aggregation properties of mixed surfactant system of butane-1,4-bis(dodecyl  hydroxyethylmethylammonium bromide) and its monomeric counter part.

     Mahendra Borse, Vikas Sharma, V. K. Aswal,  J.V. Joshi, P. S. Goyal, Surekha

     Devi  Colloids and Surface A: 2006, 287, 163.

8)     Review Article : Importance of head group polarity in controlling aggregation properties of cationic  gemini surfactants

     Mahendra Borse, Surekha Devi, Advances in Colloid & Interface Science,

     2006,123,  387-399.

9)     Effect of sodium malate on aggregation behavior of butane-1,4-bis(dodecyl  hydroxyethylmethylammonium bromide) and its monomeric counter part

     Mahendra Borse, P. S. Goyal, Surekha Devi, Colloids and Surface A: 2007